This is My Time (Past)

We have strong contacts with some corporations who have collaborated with us to put up billboards about Our Lady and Her apparitions. This will bring many new souls to Our Lady. You can sponsor and have installed a 10’ x 22’ billboard which follows as shown in this letter for only $100.00-$125.00! That’s printed, shipped and installed!! Billboards normally cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. This is part of a nationwide program promoting Our Lady’s Medjugorje apparitions. But for the children of Our Lady, this price that is the lowest gives the ability to reach and convert many souls. In most states we are able to collaborate for the very inexpensive price of $100 to $125 dollars per billboard. If we are able to place 100 billboards the average Direct Effective Circulation (DEC) would be 3.5 million glances per day! Just making contact with Our Lady’s eyes we can pray for graces of conversion. In our last campaign, the 128 billlboards that were sponsored resulted in many who never heard of Medjugorje being introduced to Medjugorje and Our Lady.

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1019 Billboards across the USA

PLEASE pray for: 1) The billboard companies - for without their generosity this program would have never started. 2)Pray that these posters stay up longer than 30 days we normally get. 3)And especially pray for conversions of everyone looking at these billboards who see Our Lady. These billboards started going up in November 2009A.D. Some have already been taken down, some are still up and some are waiting to be installed. This is all made possible by you saying "YES" to Our Lady and being Her extended hands.

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This is My Time (Past) Billboards across the World